Important message regarding Barnes & Noble: Nook Readers!

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Important Message: Barnes & Noble - Nook Readers!

An important message to all my Nook readers. I am removing all my books from Barnes & Noble as of today. PLEASE DO NOT rush to buy them from B&N. If you wish to read them on your nook, please contact me and I’ll see what I can do for you in terms of EPUBs.

I don’t like having to do this, as I was completely wide in the past and have always felt guilty for moving into Kindle Unlimited and thereby losing some readers who preferred B&N or Apple to get their books, which is why I kept most of my older books on those channels.

However, unprecedented times have forced me to make this move, as Barnes & Noble have now refused to pay outstanding royalties to authors (except to some lucky few).

This money is not theirs, and yet they are keeping it. They have earned money over the books of authors, including mine, and are not paying us the monies owed due to the current crisis.
There is no way to come back from this misuse of trust and money that is not theirs.

I will not be publishing anything on Barnes & Noble until they pay back 100% of every penny owed, and most likely won’t anytime in the forseeable future.

A plea to all readers everywhere: Please do NOT buy my books from Barnes & Nobles, as most of us are not getting paid (unless you’re one of the lucky few).

Please support your authors, buy from them directly (please contact me!) or get them from any other channels, like amazon, apple, kobo, google play, or even a library. Thank you!

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